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Serenitee Restaurants gives to hundreds of local organizations that are within 10 miles of our restaurants. We give gift cards for auctions and raffles. We also host “Give Back Mondays” at most of our locations. We do not  participate in sponsorships or run ads in programs.

”Turn-Key” Give Back Events

Serenitee has been rolling out Give Back Mondays once a month at many of the Group’s locations. Through this experience, we have come up with a formula for a “turn-key” evening to benefit your organization.

  1. Once we set a date for the event, we will have our graphic designer create a flyer for the evening. Serenitee will post this on Facebook and hang it in the restaurant location where the event is being held. The partnering organization is responsible for posting flyers, sending it to their email lists and posting it on their Facebook pages.
  2. Guests are required to bring the flyer to the event or pull up the flyer on their smartphone. Ten percent of the proceeds from everyone at the table that has shown their server/bartender the flyer will be donated to your organization. (By the way, our check average is about $53 per table and 10% is our profit margin - which is why we strongly recommend #3.)
  3. To make the most of the evening, we will give you the space to host a silent auction. You will need to secure at least 10 items for the action, one of which can be the “$10 Trip Card” card (details on the next tab "Auction and Raffle Item Donations"), which we will donate.
Auction and Raffle Item Donations
  • For Auctions: We have the Serenitee Restaurant Critic package. This includes $100 in the form of a Serenitee Rewards Card that is good for two $50 dinners. We have found this item generates a great deal of enthusiasm amongst the foodies in the crowd. It’s a unique experience where the winner gets to be a restaurant critic on two separate nights – and we listen very carefully to their critiques.
  • For Raffles: We have a Serenitee $10 Trip Card, which includes a free $10 to spend at each of the eight Serenitee Restaurant Group properties.  
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