Staff Profiles

Zorba Kinigstein

General Manager at Hale Street Tavern

Zorba Kinigstein is at home in Hale Street’s fun, high energy environment. With a management style that's rooted in efficiency, and a side of creativity, he is able to run one of the North Shore’s busiest restaurants.

Zorba feels at home when his opinions are heard, and that’s a part of the Serenitee environment that he strives to employ at Hale Street. Hale Street is the kind of restaurant where everyone feels a sense of ownership – from the staff to the many regulars who have come to feel like a part of the family – and he takes the time to both listen and act on the feedback generated by this atmosphere.

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Laura Balestraci

General Manager at Maggie’s Farm

Laura Balestraci’s experience as an athlete and coach has greatly influenced the environment at Maggie’s Farm. The tried and true saying “there’s no I in team” goes double is you’re working in the front of house at Maggie’s Farm, where helping each other out is a priority.

Laura’s favorite part about the restaurant industry is meeting new people and the challenge this presents. She acknowledges that it can be difficult to please everyone, but it’s an awesome obstacle to have. To not only make the guests happy, but to also make sure everyone working at Maggie’s Farm truly enjoy their jobs.

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Ryder Ritchie

Co-Chef at Opus

Gloucester native Ryder Ritchie has been fishing since “before he could tie his own shoes.” Ryder’s also been working in restaurants for as long as he can remember, so he’s no stranger to catching and cooking local seafood.

With a love of both new fusion and classic New England flavors, Ryder enjoys sharing his passion with guests and is a regular fixture on the dining room floor. He wants to provide guests with more than just a delicious dish; he strives to create an experience.

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