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Laura Balestraci

General Manager at Maggie’s Farm

Laura Balestraci’s experience as an athlete and coach greatly influences the environment at Maggie’s Farm. The tried and true saying “there’s no I in team” goes double is you’re working in the front of house at Maggie’s Farm, where helping each other out is a priority.

A restaurant kid from the start, hospitality life was ingrained in Laura at a young age. Her mom and best friend's father put her to "work" as a child and she officially began as a bus girl at the age of fourteen. She also grew up playing sports and was recruited to play division two field hockey in college, and went on to be an assistant coach at American International College and then Endicott.

These two experiences have come together in her current role as the General Manager at Maggie’s Farm. She is all about working together with her staff for a goal. This is something she learned once she started coaching and came to the realization that the coach isn’t solely in charge, everyone has to take ownership of achieving the goal in front of them. In the words of Laura, “if something goes wrong, it’s on all of us; if things go good, it’s a win for everyone.”

Laura’s favorite part about the restaurant industry is meeting new people and the challenge this presents. She acknowledges that it can be difficult to please everyone, but it’s an awesome obstacle to have. To not only make the guests happy, but to also make sure everyone working at Maggie’s Farm truly enjoy their jobs.

After serving, bartending and managing restaurants in her native Rockport and then in Springfield during grad school, Laura joined the Serenitee team as a hostess at Alchemy over half a dozen years ago. Since then, she worked in several restaurants on the North Shore before accepting a position at Maggie’s Farm, which led to her promotion to General Manager at the end of 2014.

Laura enjoys working at Maggie’s Farm, and for the Serenitee Group, because it blends the best of two restaurant worlds. She has the organization, structure and Serenitee management team to back her, but each restaurant has its own personality and little family, like the family operated businesses where she got her start.

When she’s not at Maggie’s Farm, Laura loves the summer, beach and traveling with her husband.

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