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Ryder Ritchie

Co-Chef at Opus

Gloucester native Ryder Ritchie knows how New Englanders want to eat. New Englanders love the classics, but they also appreciate a little creative flair and, most of all, their seafood has to be fresh and local. And it is this foundation of appreciation in the classics combined with his creative flair that he has carried with him in his role at Opus.

Ritchie, who was fishing “before he could tie his own shoes,” loves to catch and cook his own seafood. He’s also been working in restaurants for as long as he can remember, working his way up from a busboy position on Gloucester’s Rocky Neck to studying at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. His first kitchen position was at Cala’s in Manchester-by-the-Sea, and since then he’s held positions at Lucca and Aragosta Bar & Bistro, both in the North End, The Franklin Cape Ann and Shanghai Social Club in Allston, before joining the team at Latitude 43 and subsequently, the team at Opus. Ritchie has always aspired to gain experience with a range of different cuisines to continue his education of food and global flavors.

With a love of both new fusion and classic New England flavors, Ritchie loves to share his passion with guests and is a regular fixture on the dining room floor. He wants to provide guests with more than just a delicious dish; he strives to create an experience. This was evident when he took the stage at the 2016 Boston Globe Travel Show, where, in the words of the show’s resident chef Doug Duda (of A&E’s Well Seasoned Traveler), “Chef Ryder’s presentation was Four Stars….one of the best of the show.”

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