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Zorba Kinigstein

General Manager at Hale Street Tavern

Zorba Kinigstein is at home in Hale Street’s fun, high energy environment. With a management style that’s rooted in efficiency, and a side of creativity, he is able to run one of the North Shore’s busiest restaurants.

The nightly goal at Hale Street is to do as much as you can within a limited space, and Zorba takes this task head on. As a hands-on manager, Zorba is always looking for the better, faster way to do things, and is known as someone who is always setting goals, for himself and staff, to improve service and efficiency.

Zorba began his career in hospitality on a whim; he needed a job and the newly opened Alchemy needed a server. He was a natural, and a critical member of the team that launched the restaurant in 2004. Zorba eventually landed at Serenitee’s other Gloucester destination, Latitude 43, after exploring a variety of hospitality positions including jobs at the Madfish Grill, Cheesecake Factory and the Ritz Carlton St. Thomas. After being promoted to supervisor at Latitude 43, Zorba went on to hold AGM positions at Maggie’s Farm and Hale Street before accepting the General Manager position at Hale Street in 2014, a decade after his start with Serenitee.

One of the reasons Zorba has been drawn to the group for so long is that he enjoys the freedom to be himself and the philosophy that there’s no one way to do everything. He feels at home when his opinions are heard, and that’s a part of the Serenitee environment that he strives to employ at Hale Street. Hale Street is the kind of restaurant where everyone feels a sense of ownership – from the staff to the many regulars who have come to feel like a part of the family – and he takes the time to both listen and act on the feedback generated by this atmosphere.

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