Contest: Become An Undercover Food Critic

Thank you to everyone who submitted a review! If you're chosen to become an Undercover Food Critic, you will be notified between March 28th & April 1st. 



Submissions accepted until March 26, 2018. The winners will be notified between March 28 & April 1, 2018.

Review year runs from April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019. 

The $50 Serenitee Bucks will be added at the first of each month during the review year as long as a completed review form is submitted during the previous month. Undercover Food Critics will not be eligible for the new month’s $50 if a completed form was not submitted during the previous month, whether or not the previous month’s Serenitee Bucks were used.

Undercover Food Critic Serenitee Bucks may not be accumulated. If the entire $50 is not used during the month, the amount loaded at the start of the next month will only be equal to the amount used (this is separate from “earned” Serenitee Bucks and points that you may receive as part of the Rewards Program). 

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