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Stories from August, 2014

Latitude 43 in the Philadelphia Inquirer

24 August 2014 by Linda Tuccio-Koonz, The Philadelphia Inquirer

…If you enjoy waterfront dining, try Latitude 43, with indoor and outdoor seating. Coastal cuisine is featured, plus award-winning sushi. The restaurant’s lobster bisque is spicy and sweet. My husband is a big fan of the bouillabaisse (mussels, fish, fennel, fingerling potatoes, saffron, tomato stew, with grilled shrimp and scallops).

NYT on Cape Ann: Polishing Its Past and Preparing Its Future

13 August 2014 by Glenn Collins, The New York Times

…Given Cape Ann’s relationship with artists, local paintings are just about everywhere, including restaurants such as Latitude 43, a six-year-old seaside cynosure that has 400 seats, including its outdoor deck, as well as a frenzied two-chef sushi pit. Rotating painting exhibitions are always on the menu.

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