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Stories from February, 2015

Pinoli out, Alchemy back in on Gloucester's Duncan Street

03 February 2015 by Arianna MacNeill, Gloucester Daily Times

Alchemy is coming back. Those who missed the popular Duncan Street restaurant can now celebrate its return. But for patrons of Pinoli, a reopened Alchemy means ciao to the Italian eatery that opened in its place just a little over six weeks ago.

Cala’s in Manchester offers pub food, elegant entrees
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Cala’s in Manchester offers pub food, elegant entrees

01 February 2015 by Brion O'Connor, The Boston Globe

Diners will find an impressive variety on Cala’s dinner menu. You can choose from pub food, such as Mexican street tacos ($5 each) and the haddock sandwich (fried or baked, $14), or elegant entrees featuring seafood, steaks, ribs, and pasta dishes. Pumpkin and squash ravioli ($19) is one of Cala’s best sellers, Cushman said.

There are also nightly specials, and I was tempted by a house favorite, the lobster roll ($17). This delicacy is served every day in the summer, but typically only on Wednesdays in the winter.

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