We're opening up a new restaurant in Winchester - and we'd love your help naming it!  

We would like to find a name that is short, punchy, trips off the tongue and gives happy associations for a wide swath of people.  We don’t want just a name we can live with, but a name that brings a smile to your lips as you say it.  Simply click the link below to take a quick survey of the ideas we currently have for names.  Feel free to add your idea for a name to the list. Names with hidden meanings are fun, but if you have to explain it to like it, it probably won’t survive because this IS a popularity contest. We really appreciate your participation!


The concept:

  • Sustainable, organic, locally-sourced ingredients
  • Contemporary, casual cuisine including comfort food with innovative twists
  • Sushi crudo bar
  • Craft beers & cocktails
  • Extensive wine list
  • Live music & events

The space:

Thematically we are trying to span a look that appeals to both a more conservative, sophisticated crowd by using wonderful textures and fabrics and a slightly edgy, looser crowd with more industrial, and bohemian design elements.  The conservative crew gets more sway downstairs and the bohemians rule upstairs.   

The main dining room downstairs has a lighted walkway that divides the space into multiple areas, which include a “library” with books and knick knacks and a couple’s dining area with low ceilings and more sophisticated textures. The colors in the space are inspired by the yellows and browns of crème brulee. There will be lots of mercury glass lighting and some large bell domes over tables to give a sense of private dining.  The space will feature landscape paintings of Winchester’s CSA farm.

The lighted walkway leads guests down three steps to a semi-circular bar area with a curved bar, floor-to-ceiling tree and a back bar composed to mirrors covered with a stainless steel mesh. The bar will feel sleek, but textured. The bar also features a three bay Eurocave to show off the extensive wine collection. The bar area has three large window seats with round four tops.  

Upstairs has a Moroccan theme; the room is a D shaped room that has all brick walls and the floors will have Oriental carpets. At the flat part of the D there is a bar and a performance space with a projection screen TV behind it. Along the round part of the D there will be drink rail and several community tables.  The high ceiling has a skylight and will be festooned with triangles of translucent fabric. The whole effect is designed to make you feel like you're a music festival.

Opening Date:

Just before Summer.  We’re taking extra time to build a restaurant that will be a rooted in the community for years to come.