Homemade mustard is an easy way to impress this holiday weekend. You can serve this easy, and delicious, mustard with ham and then again on sandwiches for leftovers.  

15 Walnut will be serving it on their "Ham I Am" sandwich this Easter Sunday with cherry peperonata, shaved ham, five-year cheddar, house mustard and pickled pineapple. To read about other specials, see the North Shore Magazine's article on Easter Recommendations


15 Walnut House Mustard 

2 oz. yellow mustard seeds
2 oz. brown mustard seeds
4 oz. yellow mustard powder
½ cup dark beer*
3 teaspoons vinegar of choice
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste

Grind the whole seeds (you can use a spice grinder, blender or mortar).
Combine mustard powder with ground seeds.
Add beer to mustard mix, and allow to sit for five minutes.
Add vinegar, salt and sugar.
Thin with water until you achieve the desired consistency 
Refrigerate overnight before serving.  


 *Substitute wine or water to make the recipe gluten-free, or use your favorite spirit. Whiskey mustard anyone?